2 Simple Ways to Increase Magento eCommerce Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is one of the biggest obstacles to success in eCommerce. Most savvy eCommerce store-owners realise that paying to increase web traffic is useless if the traffic doesn’t spend money once it’s on the site.

Most eCommerce sites convert between 1–4% of their overall traffic, so a small improvement could result in a massive increase in revenue. Here are 2 easy-to-implement and very affordable solutions that will have a big impact on your website’s conversion rate; both suitable for Magento eCommerce systems.

1. One Step Checkout

Most eCommerce platforms, Magento included, have their checkout capabilities broken down into multiple steps. This is done to allow more flexibility for developers to tailor the process. Magento, for example, has 6 steps in their standard checkout process;

  • Login v Guest option
  • Billing info
  • Shipping Info
  • Shipping options
  • Payment details
  • Order review and confirmation

This is all useful info that is required to make the purchase. However, every time a page has to reload or a new screen has to appear, the more likely the user is to abandon their shopping cart. One solution to this is to be very transparent about where the user is up to in the process… by making it clear that there are 6 steps and making it very clear at each step precisely how much farther there is to go.

However, rather ironically, it is often the case that the checkout process asks for too much info or has more empty space than is really required. In either case, there is an opportunity to centralise the process into a single page, as in the example below:

ecommerce conversion

Depending on what conversion metric you want to improve, the one page checkout process can be tailored. This massively reduces the likelihood of a customer giving up before they have finished their purchase.

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2. Sweet Tooth Rewards

Ok, so you’re spending money on SEO to get more of the right kind of traffic. You’re doing some conversion rate optimisation too in order get the most out of that traffic, for example by installing a one step checkout for Magento. But none of that takes the relationship into consideration.

I understand why… it’s easy to get bogged down by viewing traffic statistically, forgetting that they are all actually unique individuals. A visitor to your site may be looking for a new long-term brand-relationship, meaning they could be a customer for life. Or they may have a penchant for social networks, meaning they could be your next 3rd party brand ambassador. But how can you get the most out of every type of person as an individual?

In a nutshell, it’s much easier to make a visitor do something if if they are offered a reward. Sweet Tooth is a Magento extension that allows you to create and manage tailored rewards and incentives, allowing you to offer discounts, free products, exclusive VIP offers, loyalty club memberships and much more.

Here are some stats from Magento websites who implemented Sweet Tooth in order to improve specific metrics:

  • 60% increase in sales
  • 52% increase in conversion rate
  • 84% more customer accounts created
  • 372% more Facebook Likes
  • 384% more product reviews
  • 34% more revenue

That pretty much says it all. Impressive, isn’t it?

Posted by Paul

Paul is our Head of Marketing and digital strategy specialist. A Google certified SEO expert and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he has worked on award-winning campaigns since 2003.

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