7 Coolest Google Secrets You’ve Never Seen

Google are one of the most advanced technology companies in existence. They also take great pride in being, at times, one of the silliest companies in existence. Here are 7 silly ‘Easter Eggs’ (hidden bits of fun) Google have created to give your experience that little extra something:

1. Atari Breakout

If you search for “Atari Breakout” in Google Images, the results page quickly reorganises itself into a modified version of the classic Atari game. Retro, baby.

2. Google in 1998

Ask and ye shall receive. Search for “Google in 1998” and that’s precisely what you’ll get… Google as it looked in 1998. Mmmm, nice design. And check out that logo! [author does a little sick in mouth]


3. Do a Barrel Roll, Google

Acrobatics, danger, daredevil stunts… Google fears not these things. Ask it to do a barrel roll and prepare to be amazed. Or slightly amused for about 2 seconds anyway.


4. Legoland Natives

Head to Legoland California on Google Maps and you’ll notice that the locals come to meet you; the ‘locals’ of course being Lego Men.


5. To Infinity & Beyond!

You’ll also get a warm welcome from the natives at Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral in Florida… Astronauts!


6. The Bacon Number

Have you ever played that game where you have to get from one given actor/actress to Kevin Bacon in as few logical ‘co-starring role’ steps as possible? Well Google employees at the Googleplex in California obviously played it a lot. And apparently they liked it too, because they made themselves the irrefutable referee for all future games: Just search any movie star’s name followed by “bacon number” for a definitive answer.


7. Zerg Rush

So you thought the ‘Atari Breakout’ game was cool? Well try this one on for size… search ‘Zerg Rush’ and then protect your search results from being ‘zerg rushed’ (i.e. attacked) in true 80’s-gamer style!


So there you have it: 7 very fine ways to waste even more time at work.

That’s why we love you Google… you’re all about the little things.

Posted by Paul

Paul is our Head of Marketing and digital strategy specialist. A Google certified SEO expert and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he has worked on award-winning campaigns since 2003.

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