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Britain’s achievements in this year’s Tour de France have captivated the nation. All over the country bikes are being dragged out of sheds; and being seen wearing the latest performance-enhancing clobber is all the rage.

We’ve been particularly excited because we’ve just designed, built and launched the new eCommerce website for the Official Assos Factory Outlet. Assos—the technical equipment choice of the Swiss Cycling Federation—are arguably the world-leaders for cycling accessories and clothing technology.

You can check out the new website at

Putting the user back in the saddle

We integrated a few neat little tools and ideas to help users get the most out of the new website. As you can see from the pictures above, we put a lot of emphasis on email newsletter sign-ups as this was identified as crucial for customer retention. As the Assos Factory Outlet sells world-wide, we also created options to customise prices into several currencies; GBP, Euros and Yen as well as Australian, Canadian and US Dollars.

At the category level (below), we created a ton of search features to help users find exactly what they want, including filters and display settings.

At the product level, we kept the design simple and usable while making sure we promoted all of the many benefits on offer, including:

  • Outlet price versus ‘list price’ to show massive savings
  • Product customisation options
  • Related products for cross-sells and up-sells
  • Social sharing icons
  • A customer review/feedback area
ASSOSS Factory Outlet eCommerce Design

Assos clothes look great (and so do the models!) so we made sure to capitalise on that. The product images (multiple available for each product) are displayed for best visual impact: In other words, we made them big and bold. Since the clothes are also about technical design, a tight fit and finer details, the images can also be magnified to a high degree when the mouse is hovered over them (see below).

Wheelie good customer cycology

We can be a persnickety bunch here at Attain Design: When it comes to website conversion rates, it’s the tiny details in the design and functionality that make all the difference. That’s why we tactically planned, wireframed and tested the user interface.

The results are already speaking for themselves. Immediately after launch, Assos Factory Outlet saw a 33% uplift in conversion and therefore online revenue. In fact, while it’s still early days, all indications point to better pre-qualification of traffic, more traffic overall and a higher conversion rate—A triple whammy!

It doesn’t end there either: With a new blog to facilitate the publishing of content, the focus on email newsletter sign-ups and social sharing plus a log-in area to keep people coming back, Assos are set to make the most of their increased traffic. Now that’s what we call gearing up for success!

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