Local SEO: A Beginner’s FAQ

Today, the marketing team at Attain Design have composed a beginners Local SEO FAQ for all of our viewers.

We will be discussing an integral area within the modern-day digital marketing world –Local SEO!

We’ll be introducing our followers to SEO on the whole but dealing with Local SEO more specifically. We are going to be reflecting on what Local SEO does, the way it works, why it’s valuable, and whether or not your company requires a Local SEO campaign as a part of your continuous marketing mix!

Right, let’s get cracking!

What does SEO stand for?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation – fundamentally the discipline of enhancing a website by means of both on-page and off-page optimisation techniques. These techniques help to make sure that a website is more appealing to search engines like Google, consequently improving the chances of ranking higher within the search engine results pages. This typically helps to build a site’s likelihood of being visited more routinely, and by the correct type of visitors.

For example, have you ever clicked past page 2 of Google search results? It’s not very likely – the majority of people will never exit page 1, thus, it’s down to SEO and Local SEO, particularly for small companies – to attain a first-page position for their selected keywords and phrases.

Let’s approach Local SEO more explicitly.

What exactly is Local SEO?

In a nutshell, Local SEO is geared towards improving the search rankings and overall performance of your website with regards to a particular geographic location. This is the most effective way to improve the popularity of your website by focusing on individuals which are on the look out for related products or services within the region.

In the realm of online business, there are numerous concepts that you have to fully grasp with regards to local search engine optimisation. The intent behind Local SEO is to get you on the big map – we mean this literally and figuratively.

You can find a multitude of benefits related to Local SEO.

Local SEO services help companies which focus solely on a particular geo-location to gain optimum targeted visitors, thereby, building authority in a market within a particular location. With the assistance of Local SEO services, businesses have the ability to gain a winning edge simply because they can reach out to the potential audience situated at their vicinity.

If you are a company operating in Staffordshire and you deliver services or products catering towards that location, it surely seems sensible to place emphasis on generating traffic to your website from users which are also situated in Staffordshire? As opposed to those searching from overseas or out of your ‘areas covered’ radius.

The reason why Local SEO is so efficient

Local SEO, in essence, is far more clear-cut and more cost effective for the client, since search engines like Google have turned their focus more in the direction of local business. When searchers type in a long-tail keyword (this is a keyword which contains a local modifier, basically something which notifies the engine of the searcher’s location), the search engine dishes up only local results.

This means all of your business competitors at the national level are rooted out, and you only have your local competitors to contend with for that coveted first-page spot.

Does your business require Local SEO?

The only scenario wherein you would not want your small or local business to have Local SEO is in the event you decide to pursue the larger community, overseas destinations and so on. This is generally for eCommerce websites, internet businesses that can offer shipping to practically anywhere in the world, or services which can be carried out all over the world. Thinking about Local SEO’s jaw-dropping efficiency, there’s no limit to the distance your company can go with a professionally executed, results-oriented Local SEO marketing campaign.

Posted by Ant Ankers

Through his career, Ant has followed the evolution of Google's algorithm from the earliest days of SEO, giving him unique insight into its inner workings.

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