Celebrating Another Key Client Milestone: Moddershall Oaks Spa Development Launch

After much hard work and preparation Moddershall Oaks—the luxury spa retreat, hotel, restaurant and wedding venue—launched their newly extended spa facilities last weekend. The new facilities include a deli bar, outdoor fireside heated vitality pool, relaxation lounge and Finnish sauna cabin. When the invitation to the press evening dropped into our inboxes, we were very excited. OK, a little bit nervous too… we weren’t sure if our Speedos would fit the, er, bill.

So we took a strategic decision to leave the trunks at home – instead we opted for the (fully clothed) tour of the new facilities and to sample some of the delectable deli food on offer. And my word, the food is good! There were a few cocktails too and plenty of laughs… overall a magnificent entrée into the relaxing world of the new Moddershall Oaks facilities.

I have to say, it’s difficult to put into words exactly how much this innovative and hugely talented team have achieved with their latest project. The facilities down to the finest details exuded elegance and relaxation…

New Spa Facilities

Walking into the building, which is set in beautiful Staffordshire countryside next to pristine woodland and a landscaped lake, the first thing you see is the friendly reception area and new open-plan spa shop. The staff are warm and welcoming and straight away it gives a sense of the kind of no-expense-spared luxury you’re in for during your stay as a guest.  The reception opens up into a comfy little nook to one side and the spa deli on the other.

The spa deli area is beautifully laid out, with its open airy timber frame ceiling creating a feeling of space while still keeping you right there in the moment with simple yet engaging interior design touches. From the flat-screen TV on the wall to the carefully picked decorations and spa products on show, it was hard not to notice the fine balance of the room. The food was just as balanced; full of flavour but not too heavy or filling.

The deli then opens up to the outdoor heated pool, with loungers to relax on by the open fire. The Alpine ambiance is sure to take visitors to another place, a world away from the stresses of everyday life. If the outdoor fire is the icing on the cake, then the Finnish sauna in the same area is the cherry on the icing.

Beyond the outdoor pool are the hotel rooms, each with tailored interior design to make the most of the available space. As a bunch of design geeks, we couldn’t help but be impressed with the subtlety and cleverness of the materials, shapes, tones and lighting used. Combined with all the latest mod-cons—from wall-mounted flat-screen TVs to contemporary en-suites—even the most fierce of critics would be hard-pushed to find fault.

Something Old, Something New

Finally we toured the rest of the facilities, including their wedding venue, restaurant, bar, lakeside dining area, huge indoor pool and various treatment rooms, including ‘The Snug’ which can be hired for private parties. Even though we’ve seen those areas before, they never fail to impress.

But the real stars of the show were the staff. It has always been clear to us that from arrival to departure, the MO (no pun untended) is to indulge and welcome each guest like they were royalty; to make sure their every need  is attended to. There were actually some guests using the facilities during the press evening (not that they would have noticed – it was all very well coordinated) so I got to see a few glimpses of the staff in action. The customer service I saw was second to none; and it was even more apparent on the customers’ faces as they went back about their business of relaxing and unwinding. You could see they truly felt at home.

So it’s time to relax then?

For Moddershall Oaks customers, yes. And in style too I might add.

But as for Moddershall themselves… resting on laurels? Get real. Our lovely tour guide Lucy was sure to drop a few hints about the next phase of development, already in planning and, by the sounds of it, pretty clearly defined. So here’s to another client making waves in their industry!

If I were them, I’d take a well-deserved soak in that outdoor pool and relax before the next whirlwind of growth and success. Heaven knows, they’ve earned it!

Posted by Ant Hall

Ant is our Creative Director and a co-founder of Attain Design, taking the lead with wireframing, UX and brand development for our clients.

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